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Scholarship Fund Sponsor

To those of us in the consulting engineering profession, it’s clear: professional engineering schools throughout the country are not producing enough engineers to meet present and future demands. Fortunately, there’s a way you support the growth of engineers in New Jersey: each year ACECNJ’s scholarship fund supports students who are studying to become a civil engineer at a New Jersey college or university.

Support ACECNJ’s 2021 Scholarship Fund

ACECNJ’s scholarship fund awards up to six scholarships to undergraduate and graduate engineering students attending a New Jersey ABET-accredited engineering program.  This scholarship program promotes the growth of the consulting engineering profession in the state of New Jersey. With the support of donations from consulting engineers, this fund has the potential to fulfill ACECNJ’s goal of nurturing future engineers that our state is demanding.

Each fall, ACECNJ representatives visit New Jersey’s colleges and universities to discuss the consulting engineers’ profession and to present ACECNJ’s scholarship program. Students apply by submitting an application and scored based on their grades, school and work experiences, recommendation, and an essay.  Awarded scholarships go to students whose accomplishments stand out from all the other applicants through the scoring process.

A special presentation, spotlighting scholarship recipients, will recognize scholarship fund contributors at ACECNJ’s 50th Annual Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) Banquet on March 10, 2021 at the Forsgate Country Club in Jamesburg, New Jersey.  Scholarship fund contributors will also be recognized in the EEA Banquet Journal, on ACECNJ’s social media, and have their logo featured on ACECNJ’s website.

Show your support of New Jersey’s future engineers and become a 2021 Scholarship Fund Sponsor!   Last year ACECNJ’s scholarship fund raised $25,000, including three memorial scholarships! Participate in this year’s 2021 scholarship fund and help support the future of New Jersey’s consulting engineers.

Help spread the word about ACECNJ’s Scholarship program. Download the flyer and forward to your firm’s interns and/or friends and family who are currently enrolled in a New Jersey ABET-accredited engineering program!

If you have questions or need more information on becoming a scholarship fund sponsor, contact Gabrielle Liguori at info@acecnj.org or 732-606-5755.